While I am not sure if such a word already exists, the term refers to my fondness to the majestic architecture of some of the Philippine religious structures-- a loanword from the Greek root "ecclesio-" meaning "church" and "-philia" meaning "love." However, the word "ecclesiophobia" was officially introduced by the medical world and means otherwise.
I mostly fancy the façades of various antebellum Roman Catholic churches scattered across the country for their splendid European influences.

21 October 2009

Pasig Cathedral (The Immaculate Conception Cathedral)

This aged edifice in the middle of the town proper is the official landmark of the city of Pasig. The Pasig Cathedral was just recently elevated into the cathedral status in 2003, but it has existed as a parish church since 1575. I've read from a brass plate inscription on the façade that the first priest who held the first Mass here is a companion priest of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, if my memory serves me right.

I should say that this is the most important church in my life as a Catholic child: my school is just a few walks away from here, and we regularly went here every first Friday of the month to attend the Mass. Actually, our school's name is derived from this church-- La Immaculada Concepcion School.

Across the Romanesque cathedral is the Plaza Rizal, where the Pasig Museum is also located.
A shot of the cathedral from the Plaza Rizal. Note that there is a puerta before the church, so I am curious if the church was protected by a wall in the Spanish times.Details of the cathedral's belfry/clock tower, with the clock's face ornamented with gold. I am almost sure that this is not the original clock, because as far as I can recall, the former clock is silver and is not working when I was still attending high school.


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